An opinionated polyglot, I do data, I do software, I do open-source, I love building distributed, connected services, with mobiles. A failed mathematician, I love taking on new challenges. I sometimes teach Python using the Raspberry PI as a tool for pre-teen, teenagers and young adult from disadvantage backgrounds.

This is me

I also tried to do something totally different in Computational Finance, realised that most of the theory was based on dodgy application of Physics, so decided do my own research into analysing risk and capital markets - similar in vein to Mandelbroit

Selected Talks

Village Telco

I also once tried to build a self-sustaining, self-healing network using Village Telco.

Mobile Development

I did this as a introduction to beginners to mobile development Mobile Developement- Introduction

Cloud Security

A talk about securing Linux servers, given at CCHUB in Lagos.

Cloud Security

Rapid Application

Rapid Application Development